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Our New Logo & Look! Budo Online

Budo Online martial arts & combat sports store:

Budo Online

During the design process we used these 4 main elements:

Budo Logo Concept

If you visit a Japanese temple, inside you can stumble upon a round window “The Window of Enlightenment” and a square one “The Window of Ignorance”, its sharp edges are like the impurities of the mind, whereas the round one represents a perfect state of mind – Nirvana.

Window Of Enlightenment


Cracked Ice pattern – a design element usually used on windows in Asian architecture. The technique takes incredible amount of skill to master.

Cracked Ice Pattern

Cracked Ice pattern on a window at Lion Grove Garden, Suzhou.


I love the simplicity and minimalist look of Japanese Family Crests. We decided that Budo Online can stand for something more than just a store, it’s a community of martial artists, sharing their experiences and helping each other.


Budo Colours

Colour inspiration came from Boro & Shibori (earliest cloth dyeing technique), that can be seen in this photo (I believe it was taken by Mary Harrsch). This stunning Sashiko was made back in 1780 during the Edo Period.


Budo Tees

Budo logo T-shirt examples.


Budo Noren Banner

Budo Online logo on Noren – a traditional Japanese fabric divider. (Based on a photo by U3K-Y)


More design process ideas:

early logo design

budo logo design

Thank you to our designer Andrey Danilov in helping to achieve the aesthetic we wanted to try and capture for Budo Online.

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