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Muay Thai Clothing

Shop performance Muay Thai clothing here today. We stock the greatest brands in the game including FairtexTUFFadidas and Venum. We offer FAST, FREE UK DELIVERY on all Muay Thai gear. At Budo Online Muay Thai shop we stock a selection of top quality Muay Thai clothing, all designed for maximum comfort and durability for both men, women and kids. Typically Muay Thai Shorts allow for better motion than traditional boxing shorts so are great for classes. For competitions Muay Thai shorts are usually a must. We have top quality Thai boxing shorts with unique designs by Tuff Sport or check out the Fairtex painter Gloves or Venum Muay thai gloves if you are looking to add a new pair of gloves to your sparring kit.

About Muay Thai Shorts

How To Wash Muay Thai Shorts?

As with any new item of clothing always check the label first! Washing your Muay Thai shorts by hand, although more time consuming, can minimise wear from when they rub against the washing machine drum and other clothes. As we all know time is precious, so machine washing is usually the most used method. Using a netted laundry bag, and first turning them inside out, should help to minimise rubbing. Muay Thai shorts, due to their typically synthetic construction, are quick to dry so allowing them to air dry indoors rather than using a tumble dryer should prolong the lifespan and help to reduce colour fading.

Can You Wear Muay Thai Shorts In Boxing?

Typically Muay Thai Shorts allow for better motion than traditional boxing shorts so if your gym does not have a specific dress code then it shouldn't be a problem. Most people may train in boxing, gym or even running shorts during training classes but for official competitions Muay Thai shorts are usually a must.

What Do You Wear Under Muay Thai Shorts?

Thai shorts generally have larger leg openings and come with a split down the side to enable you to kick in freedom. The problem is, with this freedom also comes the risk of more than your kicks being on show! All you need to avoid this is a pair of fitted boxer briefs or compression shorts, a well fitted groin guard is also a must whilst sparring.

What Size Muay Thai Shorts Should I Get?

You may ask why are Muay Thai shorts so short. They can be very different in their design to typical boxing or gym shorts that you may be used to. Our range all have elasticated waist bands for flexibility and the legs holes are wide and short for comfort and freedom of movement. If you fall in between sizes first use your waist measurement as the main reference point and it is recommended to choose the larger size to ensure comfort for both men and women. Click here to shop our full range of Muy Thai Shorts.


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