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Kickboxing Belts

Kickboxing typically uses different color belts to denote different levels of proficiency and experience. The belt system may vary slightly depending on the specific kickboxing organization or school, but here is a common progression of belts in kickboxing:

White Belt: This is usually the starting belt for beginners with little or no experience in kickboxing.

Yellow Belt: The yellow belt signifies the first level of proficiency and is awarded as students progress in their training.

Orange Belt: The orange belt represents further progress and increased skill level.

Green Belt: The green belt indicates an intermediate level of proficiency and a deeper understanding of kickboxing techniques.

Blue Belt: The blue belt is typically awarded to students who have advanced further in their training and have acquired a higher level of skill.

Brown Belt: The brown belt is a higher level belt, usually awarded to students who have attained an advanced level of proficiency.

Black Belt: The black belt is the highest level of achievement in kickboxing. It is awarded to individuals who have demonstrated mastery of the techniques and have reached an expert level of skill.

It's important to note that the belt system can vary between different organizations and schools, so it's always best to consult with your specific kickboxing instructor or organization for their belt progression system.


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